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Pro Active Father

'' A country is made of men and books” said the unforgettable Monteiro Lobato.

“A country is also made of Parents and Children” said the Father Poet



In any geographical point of the Nation at any time there are children, making a movement, an action, an achievement, a work ...

A home run in the neighborhood football league takes place and a father jumps and vibrates in the audience. The approval in the university entrance test , the first formal work contract, the marriage of his son and the first grandchild ...

Son and Father, father and son... A Nation is built. Parents reading books to children. Children hearing their parents carefully ... With the computer on standby ... The son loves computer ... The father not so much ... The son, deep down there at the core of his being wants to hear the stories from the father. The big fish caught, which actually was a sardine ... The public test that the father was approved in the first place. The father’s new car which to the son always seemed larger than it actually was.

Brazil and the world needs you, Pro-active and responsible Father.

Brazil and the world needs you, son who listens to his father carefully.

Father Poet supports and encourages the Pro-active Responsible Fatherhood and Poetry as a tool for personal growth, and social, cultural and family integration of people.